Guru Yogi Mohan

Teaches Master's thought for Existence & Revival  

There are unlimited number of “Teachings “for the existence and survivals from all problems affecting the human beings all the times. It has been not properly communicated to the subsequent generations by many reasons. Guru Yogi Mohan, recreated all those insight without losing the core of the concepts. All those are not philosophies but technologies.The other way it is

effective for more than 1,000 rare diseases that include Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, ADHD, GDD and all human conditions and disease.

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TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS, is the teachings and technologies adopted in spirituality, religion and God through hundreds of live experiments through the eyes of modern physics. Many of them known as philosophies, religious sciences, rituals and fellowship by different beliefs and religions. Collectively by the diversity of language and few other factors did not lead all those in a practical channel. It is a complete book for the history of innovations since 4600 BCE to 2000 AD. It discussing the ancient terminology used in religions and traditions with scientific evidence.


& Articles

The ancient masters described many theories for the existence of human beings. Most of them are based on existence and survival.



There are thousands of testimonies . By the ethical approach we will not publish for the public . But something !

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