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Guru Yogi Mohan is an established healer, author of a half dozen books on his healing practices, and CEO of the Institute of Life Science, Crisis Management and Revival Execution (CRME), Managing Trustee of Heritage campus and the International Disability Management Institute. Guru Yogi Mohan is open to dispel his secrets in the survival for Existence.

While the concept of “Spirituality” is a well-organized science than any other innovations, it is often unaccepted in preface. Now there are more than 1,000 rare diseases, more than 300 disabilities, and many kinds of deformities are remaining unchanged by any system of medical science or modern innovations. Multiple syndromes, to include Alzheimer’s, HIV and many other incurable diseases are only advisable for prevention without an effective cure. With the rise in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and the refusal of medicine by the body itself, many people are beginning to look for alternate therapies and solutions where traditional medicine falls short. Spiritual sciences and religious applications are the tools for the existence and revival formulas from all such disease and disorders.


For more than 25 years, Guru Yogi Mohan has been proving this cure for such conditions—incurable disease and disorder—through his knowledge of traditional and spiritual techniques successfully.


✦  Kayakalpa: Science not connected with any medicines in a reverse-aging format. It is a darkroom process for 41 days to essentially detoxify and renew the system from impurities. Kayakalapa is a technical process in an

organized place that manages aging control and disease elimination, as well as treating all diseases in India.


 Ayurveda: Part of early stage Gurukul system of learning and tradition, which is a clear definition stating how to classify the plants and its chemistry usable for the curing and supporting human disease in general. This methodology is based  on the organization of chemical representations by using different part plants and herbs singly and jointly in various text of Ayurveda. Technically, Ayurveda is like all other medical science in concept through the application of herbs, metals, and minerals.


✦  Marma Therapy: Is effective for more than 1,000 rare diseases to include Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, ADHD, GDD and all human conditions and disease. can be used to cure all rare diseases, disabilities, and deformities. Generally, This therapy is based on the understanding about the biological body by the modern community is about the physiology and neurology. However,

between the body mass and neurological path, there are 107 reflection points with the presents of various light. It is like a pearl of a chain. All are related one to another as interrelated communicator with energies. Whenever these points are damaged, a non-treatable problem begins in the body—which be disability, rare disease, or deformities that can be reversed as the body

begins to heal.


 Cave Sciences: A technology that re-organize the body within the multiplication periods of 21 days. There are invisible lights, beyond the level of human visual range, is called dark energies or dark lights. These lights have high influences in biological body. As the result of this light energy this science has been developed.


 DES Technology: A new innovation for human disabilities and disorders with absolute results to change the human conditions and rare disease via quantum mechanics. Decoding the attributes of the atomic structure in a human cell is the first step. It is a DNA process and through that itself

explains the algorithm of disabilities or rare disease using the classified codes of disease and disabilities technically and then reorganizing the attributes of the particles. It will work out any issues on the human or animal body within 21 days.

  ✦  School of Thought: Is the teaching the technologies adopted in spirituality, religion and God through hundreds of patterns. Many of them known as philosophies, religious sciences, rituals and fellowship by different beliefs and religions. Collectively by the diversity of language and few other factors did not lead all those in a practical channel. The School of thought is discussing all those knowledge and information for the universal well being.

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