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The influence of earthen properties

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

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The energy (resources/ repulsion centres of energy )on the earth are termed as the Earth Grids. They are seen in various magnitudes and sizes in all parts of the earth. There are earth grids with attractive as well as repulsive reflexes. Since the reflex action of the earth grids assume triangular, rectangular, pentagonal and hexagonal crystalline structures, they have always been victim to superstitions and misconceptions. This assumption is as effect of the chemical action of the substances as we discussed earlier. Researchers have proven that this metabolism is caused by the heat and the chemical actions inside the earth. It takes about twenty million years to develop such a metabolism. The strongest identified attraction point of substances, that is Demon Points, is the Bermuda Triangle. The four hundred square miles plot has been infamous for dragging barks and flights which occur into its field of magnetic action. Huge ships or supersonic aeroplanes, nevertheless, mysteriously get attracted to the black hole of this triangle. This is the largest and strongest of the demon points identified so far. The fact behind the triangle was unrevealed to the modern science realm before the close of the twentieth century. But in the Buddhist tradition, which is a precursor to the Aryan and Greek cultures, there have been connotations about similar phenomena.

Mineral deposit seems to be so high in Quarts which varies in size, properties and are seen with and without the presence of salt. Earth scientists reveal that Quarts is formed thus : when the tectonic plates move, cavities form and get filled with ground water. The pressure exerted by the plates over the water deposit results in the latter’s solidification. Over ages, this solid substance become quarts. These crystalline layers, which are similar to pure water, tend to be the greatest energy source. Quarts absorbs and stores minerals in solar rays, grows in appropriate circumstances, and depreciate in concord with the energy loss. It is one of the important ingredients of computer components. Crystalline hills with the presence of quarts and salt of gold emit high magnetic energy. Ancient Tibetan scriptures mention an old practice of identifying such hills and erecting worship places to attain consciousness. In olden days, the Tibetans used to consecrate shrines or caves to meditate for a stipulated time, which they believed would bring realisation of the consciousness. Such dwelling exposed their bodies to the magnetic energy reflexes, which stimulated their sensations. Later scientific experiments postulated the practice to be effective.

Crystalline formation is a chemical action, during which interference of substances may occur. In certain earth grids, substances like aluminium dioxide, iodine, chromium, zinc, iron etc. which act to be catalysts change the repulsive properties of the formation into attractive. The formation thus tends to be attracting substances, becoming red, green, blue, yellow, black, etc in colors. They are called germs. Customs are observances were structured by considering the attractive- repulsive properties and colors of earthen substances. Masters where able to realize these properties and corresponding chemical reactions. Conventions, religious observances, folk arts, sciences, rites, etc, with the inclusion of the substances seem meaningful to a scientist’s eye. They managed to co-act with energy actions. Proponents of religious sciences, called gurus or masters could make all the strata of their clan benefit from the germ’s science. Using this information there are human practices have been included across cultures and traditions, across the globe either voluntarily or unknowingly.

The influence of earthen properties is obtensible in all streams of human life, including the physical form, colour and character. The peculiarities in places like Bhutan, Mongolia, Africa, North America is a speaking evidence. These properties directly influence the physique, figure, born architecture, height etc of a person. These features of people in places like China, Bhutan and Nepal differ much from the same in other countries. Dwarf creatures and men are seen in places with high Specific Gravity due to the presence of Iodine in an abnormal ratio. Laboratory experiments on such physical differences point to geographical peculiarities, which ultimately mean earthen properties. We can analyses the DNA structure and history scientifically this part in the hypothesis at last part of my new book .

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