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Creating consciousness through sound is the major innovation

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Sound, it is vibrations in different frequencies create different amplitude, wave length, ambience and attributes. It is the highest energy without moving the matter. Wave particle vibrates back and forth together with wave travel. It creates an oscillation effect when experiencing the sound. Wave particles vibrate up and down motions. The maximum distance the particles in a wave vibrate from the rest position is meant for amplitude. The number of waves produced in the given time is frequency. It travels by the speed of air (20 C) 343 m/c, air (0 C) 331m, water (25 C) 1493 M, sea water 1533M, diamond 12000m, iron 5130M, copper 3560 M, glass 5640M etc. Do we need to mention all this technical jargon? If yes then we may need to detail this as well. The speed of sound is influenced by making the metals and stones in different spaces. Sound can create all emotions. Fear, happiness, anxiety, sorrow etc. are the important emotions created by sound. So, it has ben used as weapons, worship objects, situation creations etc.

Science for Transmission of auditory signals (via metals, leather, wood, vessels, horn etc.): Communication through auditory symbols, instrumental music etc. come under this category. We should understand about the metallurgy has been established in this period as part of alchemy.

Upon development of metallurgy, a major branch of science is developed in sound science. It is using metal tubes, plate, sheets squares, and different kind of other instruments for using in different forms. The early date developments are hunting equipment. Hunting and agricultural activities are the major activities on nearly days. All those metals are used as per the knowledge base of the user and for the purpose. The uniqueness of individual based equipment developments is considered as a specialty. The development of metallurgy is a notable topic in this regard.

All the metals are belonging from earth only. The fundamental innovations of metals are known as in seven metals. All seven metals are produced from the earth. Gold, silver, copper, white led, zinc, black led and iron is known as seven metals. The subsequent metals are alloys of these metals.

The important metal always is considered is gold. It is red in colour when melting and white in cutting are the colures. Gold has been available in three types. It defined as naturally getting from mine. and added with mercury by processing and the third one is alloy from metal combinations. However, masters where reproduced gold for their requirements when and where needed. The pure form of gold is by getting naturally from the earth and has no mixture of anything. The second one is mercuries gold, is missed by-product of mercury and gold. The liquid metal Mercury has been converted to solid using the vital leaf juice and adding copper as per the required quantity is another way to convert mercury to gold. The third way used for making Gold is an alloy preparation by different metals and using many components. Gold will not be oxidised by time and not reduce the wait with the melting process. This is considered for the gold is so precious. During this period itself, a chemical technology has been developed to convert anything from one form to another form without changing the quality.

It has been known as alchemy. Alchemy is a process that any material can be converted to toxin free and convert as a human digestive particle. And it can be converted as ashes for the purpose of storage and use as per the master.

The second most metal is silver. It is also getting from the earth through the mining process. Purely it is white in colour and good as gold. But silver will act and react in Sulphur and upon that the white colour will be changed into black. It was also available in alloy and in a different form as per the purposes. All the metals are one form another form is the creation of earth itself. The development of iron and steel are important innovations in relation to metals. And we have to refer one important development in this period is metal equipment for the purpose of creating sounds. #Guru#Healing#disability #safety#Revival#yoga#yogi#Mohan

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