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Nine ancient ways to live without aliments, The teachings of maters

The ancient way of living is the oldest method of innovations of all the time. Many civilizations described many methodologies and guidelines for healthy living. It means live without any physical or mental unhappiness until the mature death. On those days, 4600 BCE to 1100AD, any disease or disorders have not been classified about incurable or curable. And no illness and conditions were permitted because the accurate approaches have been there with masters. The master's ways of keeping the body and mind, are powerful technics and that use to preserve the body healthily. All Techniques and guidelines for changing all human conditions and rare diseases are lost civilizations in a while. In this book, masters teaching, I am reestablishing and presenting for the study and practice of modern and future generations. And trying to establish the knowledge of ancient approaches.

Masters who leave for a long time and experienced the facts and paths from its sources. Experimented and demonstrated knowledge in different forms were used for the understanding of a student. At least it is classified into four ways in society. Master who is an expert to understand the ability for the association of knowledge and erudition by involving the thoughtful present and curiosity to the topic. It shows the understanding of every student in the learning process is different from one to another. Most of the information and knowledge cannot be communicated to another person or subsequent generations in merely writing alone. Writing has many limitations that cannot express to another person in in its apt depth. The water is hot, says in a statement. But this statement is not explaining and communicative how much hot it is. In this venture a measurement of temperature is not communicating properly. Instead, a mandatory requirement of the temperature for a particular purpose can be e understandable only with the corresponding information for what is the purpose of the usage of this hot water. And in what quantity it is required for the purpose. When one is experienced similar tactics or situation then only, he can imagine about a particular situation or intensity of that experience.

In most cases, the masters teaching is about a new knowledge base. For a disciple for a student is not able to understand this kind of situation with its in-depth definition and multiple perspectives alone. In a similar case, the support of a learned person is mandatory. In all the knowledge base there are three versions, as per the masters' advice. The first one is pronounced text as literature, which can be the theory for particular knowledge. That can be readable and understandable to anyone, but it is not sure that the understanding for the student is a specific thing in its perspective and depth of the topic by intensity. By communicating search terminology, the perfection of such terminology feels like defining about the sweetness of salty in a particular edible thing. One can say it is sweet, and another says it is salty. But how much sweet in it or how much salt within it? This experience depending upon the beholder who is looking into the topic. It is not sure that the understandable particle presents in not in a measurable manner. That explains for particular action.

Similarly, for teste, smells, temperature, etc. of any material is not being marked by a particular scale. In technical literature, we can explain a certain level of concept relative is the pronounce version but want to be accurate. In this situation or in similar cases, a rough idea of terminology will not lead to the practicalities.

That is why the pronounce of the version has classified into three. And the second version about the description of application methodology. In Sanskrit it is called tantara. Tantra is leading to another step of procedure in the second part, that you already hard the process literature means the verbal version of the process which you need to be adopt in a particular activity. It is certain that about the literature but, it doesn’t have a step by step knowhow format to implement in a particular matter/process. For that you have to adopt and apply it tantra. That explains about list of materials, purity, measurement of substance, attributes, number of attributes, time, action, and amount. It is applicable in all visual and non-visual materials including sound and smells. On our way what where how when all these questions are there with understanding off the step by step procedure.

In early days the masters used to convert one metal to another metal and one material to another material as per the need of it. Similarly, a birth is organized as part of continuity of tradition. In association of giving birth, preserving the body was mandatory for existence, sustainability, control of ageing and prevention methodology from disease and deformities are continuation of the master’s teachings. There are trio definitions to examine the body and mind differently was the way and success and methodology for that format.

One to one terminology in doing and getting successful result is the other part. Communicating the experience second and subsequent generation are mastering for future generations. The some out in cultural and social unions acquired the collective information and became a parmpara(traditions).

The third one is the Yentra(mechanism) or the science of Yentra. For anything to do that holds the equipment under perfect place get appropriate space is mandatory for the satisfactory ending of that activity. So , the mechanism is explaining about what, when, how one have to do this activity for this particular form of information, whether it is knowledge or a product. Unless otherwise it may waste the time. Because time, space, atmospheric temperature, intensity of air and invisible content, particles, dark energies are the factors that limits on success getting a perfect result. (Now a days it affects perfectly in everyday life personally and professionally). All those things are to be limited or factor for failures form the objectives of incomplete mechanism. Whenever one is capable to understand all those three formats of Information and knowledge that ruled to leadership or mastering in particular class of knowledge. In the society there are sixty-four classification of experts and professions that every classification has four kind peoples. They are Masters, skilled, semi-skilled and layman. The nine ways of the traditional ancient sustainability technology to mange health that protected from all kind of disease, disabilities and rare disease. In this book it perfectly explaining to adopt for human wellbeing.

1.Why you want to write this book?

When I am intended to write this book, I has been thinking about the human problems. Especially for incurable rare diseases, human conditions, disabilities, deformities and many other issues. There are how many numbers of ancient Technologies told by the masters are available for each and every one. There are unlimited number of methodologies which is unaware about the modern society. Another way the proper measurement and the technical reasons are unavailable with the modern society. This book is communicating the know how to solve all such problems.

And what I understood is the universe is struggling with many kinds of unsatisfaction, rare diseases, unhappy and with the unexplainable problems. There are more than 1050 rare diseases now. It is from the list of the rare disease research group internationally. And every day the number of this list is increasing. And more than 300 disabilities by branding and naming. There are many other elements like cancer, immunity disorder, protein, blood disorders, DNA and chromosome disorders and finally resistance for antibiotics. Now, a new and another problem is the freezing and warming conditions of earth. When it is warmer, that will go up to the extremity of the temperature with in few hundred years and when it is cooled, it goes to the freezing stage. There is no history available as evidence more than ten thousand years, because this warming and cooling process continue as per the tilt of the axis of the earth in every ten thousand years, says masters. The rock and cave shelters will remain from those catastrophes, the masters say. For those metabolism, epidemics, disorders and instabilities can be controlled or changed using the ancient Masters opinion buy understanding it. I hope disclosing the ancient information and secrets through this book, at least I can give ignition to think about it.

The Nine Great Technologies for Human existing

Teachings of the masters

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