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The cave should be free from any natural synthesis

In cave, dark neutrino control system, it not only defines the neutrino invisible energy and control but defining the control of sound too. For maintaining of the sound of the womb, or the feels of the inside baby is technically defined well. By applying this a human life can extend any number of times through ageing control and any disease can be cured.

I shall explain more forms for existence in different ways where masters applied in ancient period. And we have to discuss the presence of God also. The technical definitions of the caves are given in-depth dimensions of Hindu knowledge with it and later age. The cave should be free from any natural synthesis like gravitation, levitation and other natural syntheses we discussed in the last chapter. As I discussed the sound beam of mantras, it is a kind of oscillation that use to establish giving and bouncing rhythm in mantra chatting from base scales.

The oscillation of sound of the important thing with it. That itself says there is an oscillation effect inside the womb for the feats during the pregnancy period. the sound feels like going, and coming, going again and coming and repeating the same process. By the act or action of a human, it will not work to make the rhythm of this oscillations. For that mastered developed combined metal combinations need to describe this in detail to establish sound oscillations without breaking the rhythm.

The modern form of such oscillation of sound is available in the form of a musical instrument that used to establish zen meditations now. Zen meditators still using this as a practical mechanism to get concentrate with situations. The name of it is Gong. It is a compressed vacuum piece of two metals covered from both side and inside is a vacuum place. making one is a task and many technicalities with.

Caves were constructed in the geographically secured area as prevention of fled and water attacks during rain. In some cases, rain also uses to control using various mechanism. And filled with plants and trees that creating part of the substance in an atom of the body. There are classifications of plant chemistry, anatomy, physics and physiology as per the genetics of the plant. As I told you earlier, every plant has some emitting invisible force of energy. It is not energy like neutrinos. But it is pheromones, emitted by the plant. Masters described positive and negative tress can we detail this here before we move ahead? and the planet which act to support or weak to the man. It has been classified with taste, height and core. all trees are classified with its core. Why is that? We are discussing caves in future chapters

Gestural transaction: explaining and deciphering ideas, situations or systems using gestures and bodily expressions, using parts head to toe. This is a glossary item? Because it has no start and end here between these two paragraphs?

It the third science of the Hindu system. It is dealing with the architectural definition of the female body, the Bimba (idol), Vital points, art forms, and creating attraction, and costuming.

The architectural and aesthetics of a female body is beautifully organised and placed properly. The tower of the body is presented from the centre and equally divided to side. The cemetery of the tower is divided into two parts from the centre vertical line and equally disbars to a side to get attracted especially to another gender. This tower has one hundred and eight vital points altogether to the body. fifty-one vital pints in frontside, equal to the back side and six in the face are established. All this point is highly sensitive and it attracts and absorbed external force, substance and discharge body chemicals and emotional pheromones. It consists of 206 bone. There are proportion and ratio to the head and body, head and upper body. head and leg, head and hand etc. are meant to perfect for a female. The proportion and ration of each and every organ is an important factor in all definitions. When it not matching or the above said proportions are not as per the ratio is defined with some other measure and not considered the aspect of beauty, Bimba, or performance.

All this aspect is used to the concept of Bimba. Bimba is a presentational concept based on the concepts of attraction theory. A Bimba can be interpreted as per the situation and concept for the purpose when and where applicable (we discuss God and Goddess in later part) But for understanding a body is constructed as per the ball and plane theory . The other way it can be constructed and decoded by circle, square and triangles. propositions of all these are making difference in a beautiful idle. The female body is a geometrical object that covers triangles and multiplications.

In drawings, paintings and sculptures, Bimba will get attracted based on the balancing of proportion ratio and balance. In another way, an ecstatically balanced body and images are energetic and get attracted. In Bimba, it can be created as energy emitting sores adding with material chemistry.

A live female body will emit by acting of the body with appropriate costuming In a body, five actions are defined. That is turning left, turning right, hands up and hands down, and Jumping are the actions. Together with actions indicating by fingers, hands and legs in different pose are communicating a language. In another way by using different pose can be organised by acting the body is to tell the story. It is developed as a language to communicate a wide audience in a different form. It is classified in many forms. It developed as a dance form, sexual communication in different attributes (developed by sage Vatsyayana, later became known as Kamasutra). The same is used later for different dance form, Performing arts and ritual presentations.

Costuming it is based on the colors of the attractive planets. The influence of the planetoidal action by emitting neutrinos with corresponding color is used to establish it. The most active planet other than the sun is Jupiter. This planet emits yellow color. Using the yellow costume is considered to attract and or emit positive neutrinos.

Similarly, the blue color costume is used to attracting Saturn energy, yellowish white for Venus, reddish for Mars and azure blue is for Neptune is used as costume colors. Black is considered for Sun energy. Usage of particular coolers is defined as per the management of rituals and ceremony. #Guru#Healing#disability #safety#Revival#yoga#yogi#Mohan


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