Cave Sciences: Is an ancient technology practiced from 4600 BCE. The science of cave is the early stage innovation to recreate the human body and mind. It is defined about the aging process and cause of mental and physical damages in human beings and the guiding to organize it. The collective information of ancient masters are described about the invisible light and its actions. The study of light and sound is included in Cave science


Nature and Sound: Nature and Sound: Is the research work based on sound and mantra. The nature is a media to understand by regulating the audibility for all beings. All the beings have different capacity to understand every audio frequency. The ancient man learned to use the sound as major weapon in their life for communication, forecasting and defense .


Human Pheromones and sent, a study about the air with unknown gas : This is science practiced from BC 3600. All the modern science is developed by the guidelines of this rare information. The principle of early age religions and rituals are followed by using this terminology   


Skill based deployment of personals as per the organized living in ancient community: The ancient science is classified for the deployment of personals based on their skills. The requirement of the society has been classified as 64 branches specified science. By many meanings, the prototype deployment has been organized and controlled using malty level prospective for effective administration as per the 5th Veda of Hindu mythology. This research shows the Hindu mythology is a deep science